Concussion is TREATABLE.

For the first couple of days after a new injury, the best care is rest – both physical and cognitive.

Physical rest is staying out of PE class, athletic practices, competitions, fitness activities and avoiding any activities that pose a risk of head injury, until directed by your care team.

Cognitive rest is achieved by eliminating or significantly decreasing time spent on electronic devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc), watching tv, playing video games, studying, or any other activity that stimulates the brain.

Each patient is unique and each injury is unique.  Our physicians & staff will make specific recommendations at each stage of the recovery process to ensure that your injury resolves completely before you are returned to full activity. Returning to sports after a concussion is a gradual process.  We want to make sure your body and brain and ready for the demands of high levels of activity.

In order to help us make sound return to play decisions, we ask each concussion patient to complete a RETURN TO PLAY PROGRESSION.  Ideally, this is completed under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer.  This progression is a gradual increase in activity, broken down into stages.  At a certain point in your recovery, you will be instructed to start a return to play progression by your care team.

Each sport places different demands on the body.  Click on a sport below to see sport-specific exercises & drills for a variety of sports.  If we have left your sport out, we want to know!  Email Janna Fonseca at with questions regarding a sport not listed below.

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Risk of concussion is inherent in sport, even after getting full clearance from your medical provider.  Check out our Concussion Care and Prevention document for ways to stay healthy and decrease your risk of re-injury.